Collection: Table Lamps

Table lamps are great! Whether its a large feature lamp producing a hyggelig glowing light in your living room or a functional little lamp on your bedside, they are a beautiful, useful item that are a quick, easy way of adding a design feature to your home.

We specialise in the following table lamps:

  • Danish Studio Pottery Lamps including Soholm, Kahler and Michael Anderson.
  • Scandinavian glass lamps, particularly those made by Holmegaard in Denmark which were often made in collaboration with Royal Copenhagen.
  • Frandsen Ball, small, cute magnetic lamps that can be used as a table or wall lamp and are particularly good in children's rooms.

Please note that we sell our table lamps without shades.

Our table lamps are made for modern standard European/UK size & style lampshades with a ring diameter of either:  E26/7 - 1.5 inches (3.6cm) or B22 - 1 inch (2.6cm) & (using the included lampshade reducer ring) 1.5 inches (3.6cm).

Alternatively you can use a lampshade that sits on the light bulb. Please check you can buy a lampshade you like that fits before purchasing a lamp.

We recommend Witty Dawn for lampshades.

Safety  & Wiring

We check all our lamps, ensuring they comply with modern UK/EU electrical safety standards. We rewire the vast majority of them, attempting to retain the original lamp holders and switches where desirable and possible. The wiring is safe to use in the US/Canada and other low voltage countries as long as the notes below are observed regarding earthed plugs with metal lamp holders and lower wattage bulbs if incandescent bulbs (bulbs that get hot to the touch) are used.


We can fit a UK/Ireland, European (noting that European countries have different sockets), US/Canada or Australia/NZ plug to your lamp meaning that it is ready to plug straight in and use! Please let us know which plug you would like.

We often use metal lamp holders because they provide a great vintage look but lamps with metal lamp holders must have 3 pin (earthed) plugs. If you live in a country that does not have 3 pin sockets let us know and we will replace the metal fitting with a standard white plastic lamp holder, it won't show under the lampshade anyway.


Our lamps are all European and made for 230v electrical systems. They can safely be used in the US, Canada and other low voltage countries with local lightbulbs but, because they were designed for 230v, if you are using traditional incandescent (hot to the touch) lightbulbs we recommend using a lightbulb with half the wattage of the maximum shown. We strongly recommend using energy saving/LED lightbulbs to avoid this issue and which are better for the planet anyway!

Our lamps have one of the following light bulb fittings:

  • B22. A traditional British fitting. We use them because this compact lamp holder gives a much more attractive vintage look that is particularly well-suited to smaller lamps and because it has a built-in switch it helps us bring the lamps to you at a competitive price. The bulbs should be easily available in the UK, Ireland, Australia and NZ. European customers should be able to buy them online from the UK. If we sell a B22 lamp outside of the UK etc. we will provide an E26/E27 adapter that pops in to the fitting enabling ES bulbs to be used.
  • E27. The standard European fitting. E26 US bulbs should work but, because they are 1mm smaller and are often the original 50/60 year old fitting, they may have become a little loose, you may need to fully turn the bulb to ensure it makes contact with the fitting. 
  • E14. A smaller European fitting. In the US/Canada you should be able to buy E14 bulbs online. Alternatively, you can buy for a few $ a E14>E12 adapter enabling you to use the American standard E12 sized bulbs.

In the photos we usually use vintage look LED filament lamps with a 'radio spiral' because they look great, are long-lasting and energy efficient. We do not include light bulbs with any lamps.