Collection: Riihimaki

Vintage Glass From Finland 
Riihimaen Lasi glassworks was founded in 1910 in the town of Riihimaki, 70km north of the Finnish capital, Helsinki.

It became Finland’s largest glass makers in 1927 and employed the first of its ‘big four’ iconic designers, Aimo Okkolin in 1937. After the second world war, it employed its other three icons of mid century glass design, Helena Tyrell, Nanny Still (both in 1949), and Tamara Aladin in 1959.

During the 1960s and 1970s Riihimaki exported large quantities of glass, particularly to the UK and US, and often sold at little more than cost price in order to import ‘hard currencies’ into Finland, which was still recovering from a devastating first half of the 20th Century. Riihimaki stopped producing art glass in 1976.

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