Collection: All Vintage Glass

At Scandiwegians we just love coloured glass - there's something almost magical about it! We think that's why people loved to view stained glass in churches, even if they aren't religious.

When light passes through coloured glass it casts such a warm glow. That effect can produce a fresh, uplifting blue or green reflection on white in bathrooms or a vibrant, cosy red or amber glow in living areas. 

And then there's the wonderful shapes the talented and creative glass artists of the Mid Century produced. There are some themes that are echoed across different glass artists and different countries where artists were inspired to 'borrow' from other designs they saw. And there's the clear influence of the political, social and technological background of the times such as the space race.

The 1960s and 1970s were such colourful, optimistic times and that is evident in many of the amazing glass designs of the era.