Shading the glare from lighting is intrinsic to the Danish design and living (hygge) ethos.  Poul Henningsen's classic PH pendant lamps are the perfect example of the Danish design approach to form & function - the multiple, angled layers of the pendant were specifically engineered to completely eliminate glare.

We sell most of our table lamps without lampshades but, unless the listing says otherwise, they are all suitable for them.  

Our table lamps all take modern European (including the UK) lampshades, these have a ring diameter of 3.6cm (1.5 inch).

Our lamps will have one of these lamp holders:
E27/6: Vintage Danish (Bakelite) - We provide a plastic ring adapter so these lamps take a modern European lampshade.
E27/6: Modern - These will take a modern European lampshade.
B22: UK - Take a lampshade with a ring diameter of 1 inch (2.6cm) & we provide a plastic ring adapter so they can take a modern European lampshade.

USA/Canada Options:
1) Buy a European shade from Europe or there are some available locally.
2) Use a shade that sits on the bulb. Adapters exist to convert UNO ring shades to clip on. 
3) Use an adapter that converts a 3.6cm (36mm) ring to a standard harp.

Our recommended lampshades:
If you would like to buy a lampshade to accompany your lamp we recommend the wonderful handmade lampshades, utilising vintage fabrics, by Dawn Witty who made the lampshades in the photo below. You can find her designs here.

Dawn specialises in Mid Century and Scandinavian fabric designs. As well as selling 'off the peg' lampshades, Dawn custom makes lampshades to order from her vast collection of vintage fabrics. If you send her a photo of the lamp you have bought she will make suggestions of fabrics that will suit it.