About Scandiwegians

Hej, my name is Claus and I'm from the Aarhus area of Denmark.

I live in a pretty cottage (known as The Gingerbread Cottage) in Surrey, with my British partner Corinna and our partly posh (according to the vet!) cat Evie.

Our passion at Scandiwegians is bringing you a hand-picked selection of covetable, affordable designs to make it easy and enjoyable to add some unique vintage pieces to your own home.

Seeking out new products gives us more of an excuse, as if we needed one, to visit my home country of Denmark (the photo above is a few minutes walk from my parents' home) where my family are also involved in finding beautiful designs - it's a real family affair!

We specialise in Scandinavian (including Finnish) and British designs from 1950s-70s, often handmade by skilled craftspeople, always beautiful. 

We particularly love the funky, futuristic shapes, designs and wonderful colours of the 1960s/70s which capture the excitement and optimism of that era. They were often utilising new technologies and materials that became more easily available during the period.

A Dane in his workshop refurbishing a Danish workshop lamp!

There  was a real surge in creativity in Northern Europe in this period and quality design changed from being the preserve of the wealthy, to becoming much more accessible. It is these designs that were intended to be used everyday in ordinary homes that we specialise in. You can read more about this Democratisation of Design here.

Our items come with history and heritage but are usually around the same price as similar, mass-produced items cost in a department store. They are also very sustainable compared to the mass-produced items typically available today.

We like to think that we’re bringing you tomorrow’s antiques, today!

You can find out more about the Scandiwegians here and in our blog