Collection: Holmegaard Danish Glass

Holmegaard Glassworks was founded in 1825 and Kastrup Glassworks was founded nearby in 1847. The two have long had common ownership and in 1965 they merged as Holmegaard Kastrup.

Initially Holmegaard copied overseas designs but in 1928 Jacob Bang was appointed its chief designer and sought to produce his own designs with the aim of democratising Holmegaard’s output so that all Danes could afford to buy it.

Per Lutken joined Holmegaard in 1942, later became chief designer and worked there until his death in 1998, having designed an enormous catalogue of glass designs. Jacob’s son Michael joined in 1969 and with him brought an element of the style and creative burst of the era.

Lighting was produced by Holmegaard between 1965 and 1990, including some in collaboration with Royal Copenhagen.