Collection: Coffee Pots & Teapots

Although the UK is famous as a nation of tea drinkers, there has been a long term decline in sales of traditional (as opposed to green or herbal) tea.

Coffee has been drunk in the UK for a few hundred years but coffee drinking became much more popular with the fashionable Italian coffee shops in the 1950s, and the increase in overseas holidays in the 1960s/70s, where British people drank coffee in places like Spain.

As a result of these changes, coffee drinking became increasingly popular in the UK and the ceramics companies of the English Potteries like J&G Meakin started to produce coffee pots in the wonderful, bright designs of that era. There’s more about the history of coffee drinking in the UK here.

My sister in Denmark serves hot chocolate from a Meakin Nova coffee pot at family gatherings, and it just seems to make it that little bit extra special!

Whether you’re drinking tea, coffee or hot chocolate, we have a great range of mid century pots to choose from.