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What Our Customers Say

Jane from Austin, Texas

I ruined a much-loved Picquot kettle by leaving it forgotten on a gas flame until the handle turned to cinders. I looked online for a replacement and found one on Etsy, offered by Claus Norgaard of Scandiwegians. In my haste to buy it I managed to click on "Singapore" instead of "USA" in the address form, and the kettle duly began its journey in the wrong direction.

I learned of my mistake when Claus, who is far brighter than I am, became worried that the address seemed an odd one and emailed me to check.

For the past 6 weeks Claus has tracked the kettle on its voyage around the world and emailed me regular updates letting me know where it is. And today it arrived in Austin, Texas, USA! (having exhausted its options re. Austin, Singapore).

The kettle is utterly beautiful. I am very grateful to Claus for sending it to me, and even more grateful to him for following up and making sure I received it.

Thank you Claus and Scandiwegians!


Amy, from the South of France

Received my order and it is just wonderful. Three lovely pieces, even better than I had thought from the photos - beautifully packed too, thank you very much. 

Have to say what a positive experience it was buying from you from start to finish, I will absolutely be a repeat customer - currently in the middle of a big renovation project room by room!