Collection: Bargain Basement

We sell old, pre-loved things. Things that were designed and made with love and passion by talented people, as part of a European manufacturing heritage that has long since ceased to exist.

Our things capture the skills of the people that designed and made them, of the excitement and hope of the times they were created in, and of the past glories of the European manufacturing industry.

Most of our things will bear testament to their age and their past lives through minor scratches or perhaps a little tarnish. But some have more obvious signs such as little chips.

If we feel that a product is still beautiful or useful we don't want to simply discard an old item with all its history simply because of a small chip. So instead we offer it to you here at a low price so that it can continue to be enjoyed. 

We've also added some items that are in great condition, because they are at such a low price.