Scheurich - German Made Plant Pots

Scheurich - German Made Plant Pots

We love beautiful European-made homewares, both vintage and modern, and I'm highlighting a few brands that still manufacture in Europe today.

My next featured European homewares manufacturer is German plant pot maker, Scheurich Scheurich Shop Blumentöpfe & Pflanzgefäße

I don't know much about them other than they make some gorgeous ceramic plant pots which I have all over my house. I love them so much that these plant pots even sometimes feature in my product photos!

Vintage Soholm Danish Ceramic Table Lamp with House Plant in Blue Scheurich Pot 

I don't know if there are any historic links, but I like to think of these beautiful plant pots continuing the tradition of the amazing 'fat lava' vases produced most famously by Bay in the mid century period.

Looking at their website, Scheurich was formed in 1928, and manufactures plant pots from two locations in central Germany. You can find out more about them here

I think these gorgeous pots make great presents, especially as house plants are currently enjoying an upsurge in popularity. This trend itself, is very evocative of the 1970s, a period when statement greenery, such as cheese plants, became a living design feature in stylish homes.

The ‘Lagom’ range is a particular favourite of mine, and definitely seems to incorporate some mid century design elements.

Scheurich Lagom Mid Century Modern Style German Ceramic Plant Pot

You can buy Scheurich house plant pots in most garden centres, plus stores such as Homebase.

Scheurich Shop Blumentöpfe & Pflanzgefäße
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