Scandiwegians - Same, Same But Very Different To Amazon

Scandiwegians - Same, Same But Very Different To Amazon

Sometimes we joke whether people think we're like Amazon. Yes, you see things on your screen, click to buy, and await a parcel in the post, but not all online businesses are the same. We may very occasionally be as quick as Amazon, but behind the scenes we could not be more different.

For a start, every single item we sell has been individually found by us, our friends, or our family.

We have friends and family all over Denmark looking out for beautiful pieces for us. In particular there's my sister, who lives in an idyllic old mill house, surrounded by fields and trees, right in the centre of Denmark. 

She absolutely loves going out to 'Genbrug' (recycling) and 'Loppe' (flea) shops and markets hunting for beautiful treasures and cool items. And the really good thing is that she has a strong sense of style that is a little different from ours, so she spots items that we might otherwise have overlooked. Oh, and one further thing, she's tall with really long arms (a family trait she inherited from our dad) which means she's really good at spotting and retrieving items that might be out of reach for others!

Everything you buy from Scandiwegians will have been personally chosen, checked, cleaned, repaired, restored, rewired, catalogued, photographed, researched, listed, wrapped, packed and posted by us.

Even though we sometimes refer to them, there's not actually a team of Scandiwegians nisser (elves) behind the scenes. There's just Claus and Corinna operating out of their spare bedroom which functions as a warehouse, workshop, packing station and office.

When we hear the joyous 'ker-ching' that signals a sale, we go and find the item and pack and post it to you ourselves, usually walking the parcel down to our local Royal Mail office where we are familiar with many of the team.

And the personal touch doesn't stop there. We aim to individually write to every single customer to keep them informed about their order and, once they've received it, to check they are happy.

We are an independent micro boutique business who take great pride in adding a great deal of care and the personal touch to your shopping experience.

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