The Scandiwegians' Autumn and Winter 2022

The Scandiwegians' Autumn and Winter 2022

We visited Denmark twice in late summer and autumn. In addition to the usual birthdays, catch ups and stock-sourcing trips, my sister very kindly helped me shoot a video for Royal Mail's 'Secondhand September' series on Instagram.

She's a very creative and talented photographer so had lots of great ideas - one of which was hiring a generator so we could film one of lamps on in the forest near my parents' home.

Her partner is a videographer, so he filmed the beach scenes in the video which she featured in. My dad helped with the video project too, it was a real family affair and I'm very pleased with the result.

The worst bit was my interview, I was so nervous that we even had a rum shot to try to relax me a bit! I am definitely not a natural in front of the camera.


Once we got back to the UK I spent the following weeks locked away in my workshop, working like mad to get as much lighting refurbished as possible before both 'The Lamp Season' (October to February) and the inevitable call back to work at football grounds during the Premier League break for the world cup.

Claus working in the Scandiwegians Workshop

We also launched our new look website in October, which we're quite pleased with. Take a look and tell us what you think!

We managed to get around 250 new items in to our shop before the call came to get me back the football grounds where I spent November and December working at in the week, and rewiring lamps that had sold at the weekends.

Scandiwegians Vintage Nordic Green Glass

Then I headed back to Denmark for a lovely cosy family Christmas. We celebrate Christmas on the 24th in Denmark and call the 23rd 'Little Christmas Eve', it's a very cosy evening when we eat rice pudding and drink 'Elf Beer'.

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