A Vintage Danish Floor Lamp Goes To Live At The English Seaside

A Vintage Danish Floor Lamp Goes To Live At The English Seaside

There can be few items of furniture or homewares as archetypally Danish as the floor lamp. As many Danish homes don’t have light fittings in the centre of the ceiling, as is standard many other countries, floor lamps are routinely used as a main light source, especially is living rooms.

But as much as we love floor lamps, we rarely sell them. For us they are difficult to get home, tricky to refurbish, awkward to photograph, they take up valuable storage space and, lastly, they are a complete and utter pain to pack and post!

This beauty was therefore a rare exception. We see a lot of mid century Danish floor lamps on our travels and few stand out sufficiently to warrant the considerable extra effort they require. But we just loved this one and thought it was very special. It’s got more of a 1980s vibe than the older items that usually catch our eye. However, it’s such superbly high quality and we loved the aluminium tube shades, surrounded by plexiglass, that we decided we just had to have it.

But once it was home, refurbished and listed there was still the issue of getting it to its new custodian, so we made the listing UK only and prepared ourselves for a bit of effort packing it when the time came.

That time came earlier this week. And I must admit my first thought was a tinge of sadness as it was definitely one I wouldn’t have minded keeping for myself if it didn’t sell. My second thought was relief as I saw that it had sold to the nearby south coast so we could deliver it. An item like this takes so long to pack it properly that it is literally less time to drive it the nearly 60 miles to its new home.

So we’re off a road trip to take this lamp, found in my father’s home town of Viborg in Denmark’s ‘Lake District’, to the English seaside. And we wish this stylish floor lamp another 40 years of service delivering light. 💡🇩🇰➡️🇬🇧

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