A Very Busy Few Months - Spring/Summer 2022

A Very Busy Few Months - Spring/Summer 2022

Edit: I wrote this in June but was too busy to even look at it again until now.

As I've written before, I have a 'day job' wiring sports stadia for television broadcasts. This is usually Premier League football grounds, but I spent February, March and April working full time at a very well known London sports ground for another sport.

Since then I've been working on our garden in between rewiring lamps that have sold, plus I spent a very enjoyable two weeks back with my family in Denmark.

I returned to Denmark for the confirmation party of my cousin's son and for the christening of my best friend's baby. It was so lovely to attend these two important celebrations, and to catch up with so many friends and family.

For those unfamiliar with Danish life, most Danes are Lutheran and are confirmed into the church at around the age of 15, so later than in many other countries. These days there are many religions in Denmark, and Danes are becoming less religious, but even those who don't regularly attend church, often still get confirmed as it's a bit of a rite of passage.

I also managed to do some business in Denmark including meeting someone for the first time who we've been dealing with remotely for a few years now. He was the nicest man and I was extremely pleased to finally meet him. I also made a new contact and bought some very nice pendant lamps that i'll be bringing back on my next trip (I flew this time).

The work on our garden has been exhausting but very rewarding. We had some major building work carried out last year and after the builders left what had previously been our lawn was left a bare, rubble covered uneven mess like craters on the moon landscape.

So it took a great deal of hard work to remove all the cement and rubble and get it even but the weather here in April was dry and warm so I spent weeks working on it and finally I was able to lay new grass turf and do some other landscaping. But we've done it all and I'm so pleased with the result - finally we have our pretty little garden back!

Now I can finally spend some time working on the intricate vintage glass chandelier-type glass lamps that require complete, time-consuming restoration. I first planned to tackle these lamps after Christmas but just haven't had the chance to until now.

But my day job has already contacted me to work throughout July. There was always likely to be some work available in June and July, during the Premier League's 'close season'. But this year a club that hadn't played in the Premier League got promoted so that means it requires a complete installation of the broadcasting equipment, rather than just maintenance or updating.

So I'll probably be off to Nottingham in July, and I'm looking forward to it. And I really do hope to list some of those glass chandelier type lamps at some point!

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