Made In Europe - Dualit British Made Toasters

Made In Europe - Dualit British Made Toasters

Made In Europe - Then And Now

It is our business to restore, repair and sell high quality vintage European goods. But our passion for European-made goods doesn't end there - we also seek out newly produced European goods, both for our own home, and as gifts.

There are not many small homewares manufacturers left in western Europe. But we do try to seek them out, and we get a little bit excited when we find a new manufacturer, so we thought we'd share some of them with you!

First up is one very close to home - the amazing design and sustainable quality of Dualit toasters, their Classic range is still manufactured a few miles away from us in Crawley, West Sussex.

We have a red 2-slice Classic toaster just like the one in this photo from Dualit's website. We've had it over 10 years now. Red British Made Dualit Toaster

Dualit was established by a German inventor, who moved to the UK in the 1930s, and opened a factory in Camberwell, South London where they continued to make the, now iconic, toasters until they moved to their current premises in Crawley in 2003.

Dualit is unusual in that it not only still manufactures its Classic toasters in the UK but it also refurbishes them. That means, if you invest in its upkeep, there's no reason why your toaster should keep going for ever, making it highly sustainable as well as beautiful and useful!

We were delighted when we sold an equally iconic Campden toast rack by Old Hall to a customer in Germany and he sent us a photo of it next to his beloved Dualit toaster.

Dualit Toaster and Old Hall Campden Toast Rack

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