Ebeltoft Beach, Jutland Denmark

A Dash To Denmark Before The Lamp Season Starts!

So much has happened since my last blog that I've been too busy to write until now.

Covid has affected us all in so many ways, and Scandiwegians has been no exception.

Ebeltoft Beach, Jutland Denmark

We travelled to Denmark to visit family and source stock twice in September/October 2020. But soon after we arrived back the second time, our part of the UK went into a lockdown that lasted until July 2021 due to high covid levels. It wasn't until September 2021 we were finally able to visit Denmark again. So there was a whole year of not seeing my friends and family and unable to collect new stock.

As a result, we were running very low on stock and our key selling period was fast approaching.

So as before, when we were finally able to travel to Denmark, we went twice in September/October 2021 to collect all the lovely new stock our friends and family had found for us during the previous 12 months.

Aarhus Area, Jutland Denmark

This left us in a race to prepare the new stock and get it online in time for both Christmas gifting, and the rest of Autumn/Winter which we refer to as 'The Lamp Season' because lighting always sells better at that time of year.

And the very limited daylight hours in Northern Europe, which makes our lamps so popular at this time of year, also means very limited 'photography hours' for us which added to the pressure!

There was lots of prioritising, planning and long days in my workshop to bring as much stock to you as possible while there was still a chance of getting it to you before Christmas.

And, once that was no longer a possibility, we shut down. I posted an update on my shop saying I wouldn't be posting again until the new year, wrote to every customer who placed an order over the seasonal period to make sure they knew, and finally...I relaxed!

Aarhus Region, Jutland Denmark

With Omnicrom already here, I was grateful that for once the UK and Denmark seemed to be in sync with the latest wave of the latest variant meaning that neither country was likely to impose travel restrictions on the other as, sadly, they were both equally affected.

Danish Christmas Tree

I packed my suitcase and went home to Denmark for a relaxing Christmas with my family to unwind and eat and drink and enjoy family time, peace and nature. Plus, of course, on the evening of the 24th, the traditional dancing and singing around the Christmas Tree!

It was an icy cold Christmas in Denmark with crisp, bright weather, lots of snow and temperatures as low as -10c! We wrapped up very warmly and enjoyed family walks in the snowy woods and along the frosty beach.

When I returned to the UK I started working on the orders received over the holiday period, and the first batch went out as promised on my first postal day of the year on 4th January.  

Fortunately, 'The Lamp Season' continues to live up to its name and orders are steady. So I am currently processing new orders and refurbishing the stock I put aside until after Christmas because I knew it would take more time.

Ebeltoft Beach, Jutland Denmark

So keep an eye out for new arrivals over the next few months as I have lots of beautiful vintage Danish lighting that I will list once it has been fully refurbished, including some absolutely stunning mid century glass pendants.

Wishing you all a peaceful and content 2022.

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