Meet The Redhill Fixer Upper

Here at Scandiwegians we're all about cutting through the scary stuff and making it easy to add beautiful, unique & sustainable vintage designs to your home. 

You may already be familiar with some of our ranges but we also hope to introduce you to others that hopefully you love as much as we do!

With that in mind we've collaborated with a young couple local to us, who are just setting up their first home together, and asked them to pick a collection of products that they love.

Introducing Josh and Kaylee of The Redhill Fixer Upper!

They met through their shared passion for sport, and they love to travel, sampling the local food wherever they go! But their lives have been completely taken over by a beautiful 137 year old house that was in need of a lot of love!
It was in quite a state and had a leaking roof, huge gaps in floors & ceilings, widespread damp - it didn't even have a bathroom! But it was their way of being able to buy their first home together. You can Follow their progress on Instagram.

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