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Shattaline Lamps

Shattaline lamps were the result of an accidental discovery in Surrey, England in the mid 1960s by a retired army major, Lewen Tugwell.

He was a sculptor and inventor and was experimenting with sculptures using the relatively new and exciting material of polyester resin in a mould. When he added the catalyst to harden it, the resin cracked and he realised it produced an attractive effect. He started production in Surrey on lamps, tables and other products under the Shattaline name.

Around 1970 production moved to Scotland and it is not known which models were produced there and within a few years the company ceased trading.

Shattaline inspired other companies to produce similar style lamps at the time and unless the lamp still retains its original label it is not possible to be certain which company produced a lamp. But they all date from the same period and capture the same cracked resin effect. 

My thanks to Mike Andrew, who worked at Shattaline in Surrey, for his research on the company.