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Picquot Ware

The Picquot Ware range was decades ahead of its time style-wise. It was designed in England 1947 and made in a metal works that had made parts for aircraft during the war, possibly including Spitfires. They would have been made by the same skilled craftsmen who had played such a vital role in Britain’s war effort, and in the same moulds that had made those aircraft parts. Who knows, there would have been aircraft parts that would have no longer been required in the Summer of 1945, so some of them may even have been melted down to make those first tea sets!

It is made of 'Magnailiuman', an aluminum alloy developed specifically for the range, that polishes up beautifully whilst retaining that lovely vintage patina. The handle is made of sycamore wood. When plastic became fashionable and very widely used in the 1960s the team at Picquot came under pressure to switch the wood work to plastic but they resisted saying that nothing has the same beauty as real wood. Picquotware was cast in one piece to minimise leaks when pouring, with the spout designed to be non-drip. The solid consultation is excellent at retaining heat.

Picquot Ware was often extremely well used (the Brits love their tea!!) and picked up many bashes and scratches in the line of duty! As a result it is inevitable that Picquot Ware will carry signs of use but this is its patina and makes each piece unique. We scrub and polish all our Picquot Ware but you may find you can get it even shinier through the use of a metal polish suitable for aluminium. We leave the wood as we find it unless it’s in very poor condition.

The range was in production in the same Northampton factory from 1947 until 1980. It underwent subtle minor updates during its 33 years of production.The Picquotware range was marketed in high end stores such as Heals in London and was a luxury item in its day.

An affordable classic of quality mid century design at its best.